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ASTEX has been involved in the production of construction chemicals since 1967. For several decades of existence, it has acquired a powerful baggage of experience, knowledge and technology thanks to which it can offer the highest quality construction chemistry products.


The company's constant philosophy, passed down from generation to generation, talks about betting on product quality, reliability and complete service. Thanks to the policy of the company subordinated to this philosophy, at the beginning of the 21st century, ASTEX transformed from a small regionally operating company into a nationwide company whose manufactured goods are appreciated by specialists not only in Poland but also in many European countries.Currently, ASTEX has a modern machine park, spacious laboratories and a large group of specialists. All this not only allows us to provide high quality products, but also guarantees clients peace and security during cooperation with ASTEX.


Despite dynamic development, openness to the world and modern management, ASTEX has not lost its identity and can still boast 100% Polish capital. Thanks to this, it proudly represents our Polish quality in the world.